Budget for a trip to Canada HOUSING rates vary greatly from one city to another. On average, you will pay between 16€ and 20€ for a dormitory bed and around 45€ for a basic hotel. FOOD Food can be cheap by cooking yourself or eating in pubs. On the other hand, a meal in a restaurant will cost you between 15€ and 20€! A sandwich or meal in a fast food restaurant will cost you about 6€ and if you cook your own meals, you will pay between 40€ and 55€ per week. TRANSPORTATION it’s a vast country that can be difficult to visit without a car. In the city, you will find excellent public transport networks. However, to travel between provinces, you will either have to travel by car or take the bus. You can also fly, but the country has only two main airlines (WestJet and Air Canada) and prices are often excessive. There is also a train (VIA Rail) that crosses Canada from coast to coast, the landscapes crossed are superb but it is not cheap either. Companies such as Greyhound or Red Arrow offer trips across the country. The prices are reasonable but

A little help in choosing your hiking boots?

The importance and role of hiking boots If you are here, it is probably because you are not one of those people who are convinced that you can hike in any kind of sports shoe. And you do the right thing: as singular as it may seem, hiking requires a pair of hiking boots, because even if it’s all about getting some fresh air, admiring the landscapes, travelling at a walking pace… from taking a short walk to trekking around the world, hiking is a sporting activity that requires the right equipment. And since hiking is essentially about putting one foot in front of the other, the best way to prepare your hikes so that the practice of this sport remains above all a pleasure, is to take care of your feet and their comfort! What happens to your foot when you walk? When your foot is locked in a shoe, it sweats. Your skin is soft and vulnerable: this is the best way to catch blisters. If you walk with a city shoe, your foot will not be sufficiently maintained, which will cause friction, the first factor in warming the foot… and blistering. In addition, outdoors,